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5 Major Things Your Car Insurance Policy May Not Cover (Must Know)

Your primary concern when shopping for insurance is probably going to be getting the best deal possible, but it’s important to make sure your new policy is free of flaws that could end up costing you more money in the future.

We looked at 49 car insurance policies from 34 insurers and discovered that the range of coverage supplied varied greatly, with some insurers’ standard policies typically only covering low- or no-protect limited types of claims.

Here you can find the best and worst auto insurance policies. You can also read on to learn about the most uncommon insurance policy characteristics and how to get the best rate.

1. Driving other vehicles

Warranted driving alternative autos (DOC) coverage is the least common provision provided by insurance. This kind of canopy is useful if you suddenly need to borrow a friend’s automobile out of the blue.

With the exception of NFU Mutual’s auto insurance, the majority of the plans we typically analyse (46 out of 49) feature a “driving other cars” part, although it isn’t mechanically accessible to all or any policyholders.

In addition to those particular occupations, drivers under a certain age (often 25) are typically excluded from this form of coverage; in more than a third of policies (37%), it only applies in emergencies.

Therefore, carefully verify that you have adequate coverage on your policy schedule before making that innocent trip to the store.

2. Cover for Personal Property

Personal assets insurance, which enables you to repair or replace lost or stolen items from your car, was also absent from several regulations.

Nearly all policies have a few covers (ranging from £100-£2,000), however the catch is that not all assets are now covered.

We only found three credit card covers, along with a few easy rules for protecting coins and papers.

Meanwhile, just over half (57%) do not include mobile phones. Additionally, hedging your chances on personal property covered by your homeowner’s insurance or delaying professional system insurance may bring you greater good fortune.

So be sure you have the necessary coverage on your insurance schedule before making that innocent trip to the store.

3. Personal Property Cover

Many regulations also lacked personal assets coverage, which enables you to repair or update free items that have been taken from or broken into your car.

The catch is that not all assets are included anymore, despite the fact that almost all rules include a few covers (varying from £100-£2,000).

The simplest three covers for credit cards were among the few instructions we found for protecting coins and papers.

Over half (57%), however, do not include mobile phones. Additionally, you may experience better luck by delaying purchasing professional system insurance or hedging your bets on personal property covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

4. Coverage of Legal Costs

The cost of filing criminal complaints against a third birthday party for negligence, chasing them for costs, or defending claims made against you is covered by legal fees insurance.

Many Which? members are concerned about legal fees coverage, although it can occasionally prove to be ineffective.

Only 3 in 10 of the regulations (15 out of 49) will help you deal with criminal costs related to your car’s licence plate being copied, and only 1 in 4 of the rules (12 out of 49) pay to obtain better illegal clamping or towing fees.

The ten most uncommon components of auto insurance coverage

The table below lists the most frequently overlooked aspects of cover.

Which? Review of auto insurance

It’s important to carefully review the coverage history before purchasing coverage to ensure you’re getting the duvet you want.

We’re here to help you find an insurer who provides the correct coverage for you. In order to assist you find the best value, we compared seventy-three areas of policies from 34 vendors for our yearly auto insurance assessments. Additionally, clients who have recently filed claims have rated our insurers.

Our full reviews are available to Which? members. Join Which? if you aren’t already a member to have full access to these findings and all of our reviews.

5. Get Your Auto Insurance at a Discount

Despite recent changes intended to make pricing more equitable, shopping around for the best price should undoubtedly save you a tonne of money when it comes to renewing your auto insurance.

Since the “loyalty penalty” for auto insurance was abolished in January, insurers are no longer permitted to offer current customers a greater rate than they might to a comparable new customer.

While this change appears to be a good idea on paper, there have been indications that it has led to a general increase in coverage costs for both existing and prospective clients.

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