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Sarkodie Shares Secrets of his wife Tracy Insult at him that Started their love story

Sarkodie described how Tracy Sarkcess insulted her and how his apology led to the beginning of their romantic relationship.

The account of how his wife’s insult and subsequent apologies began their love story was told by rapper Sarkodie.

He claimed in a recent interview to have known Tracy when he was a child, but she moved to Germany and remained there for a considerable amount of time.

While he was rushing from studio to studio in the early stages of his music career, Tracy was hanging out with the neighbourhood big guys when she returned to Ghana.

Tracy once noticed Michael as he was hanging out with the big boys and remarked, “Oh that’s Michael, you look grown.”

Sarkodie claims that he took it as an insult, became aggressive, and asked her if she knew his age while using profanity.

Tracy decided to apologise after realising she had offended him inadvertently.

Sarkodie claims that the apology marked the start of their romantic relationship, which evolved into marriage and resulted in the birth of a boy and a girl.

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