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Stop blaming us for not appearing on all the major worldwide platforms – Sarkodie Fires Radio Hosts & Pundits

Sarkodie, the most celebrated rapper in Ghana, has seen radio hosts and other industry professionals denigrate local artists for what they claim is a failure on their side to gain wider audiences or go global with their music like some of their African contemporaries.

In a recent interview, Sarkodie stressed that local radio hosts, who have similarly achieved little progress in their careers, do not have the moral authority to criticise musicians for not performing on major international stages.

He made subtle jabs at radio hosts who have had their jobs for more than 20 years but haven’t reached any significant milestones. These same people then “disrespect” musicians and put pressure on them for not winning large for the nation, claiming that the presenters don’t give them opportunities.

“It is simple to claim that Shatta Wale or Sarkodie didn’t do this or that while sitting on the radio. I understand that as artists, there are things we should be doing since every time there is a step, but I don’t believe you have the moral authority to discuss Ghanaian artists who haven’t moved if you’ve been on a Ghanaian station for almost 20 years. said Sarkodie in an interview which has gone viral.

The rapper used the occasion to describe how late Ghanaian BBC journalist Komla Afeke Dumor helped him obtain a prominent position on the network.

Sarkodie was discussed in a 2013 interview with Paul Bakibinga of BBC Africa.

He continued, “For instance, Komla Dumor made it feasible for me to go on BBC.

Sarkodie is getting ready to release his eighth studio album, which is due out shortly.

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