Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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I will never make the same mistake Michael Jackson and Prince did – Sarkodie

Sarkodie, a Ghanaian superstar and the most renowned poet and rapper of our time who runs his own record label, Sarkcess Music, has disclosed a very personal reason for why he will never sign with an international record label.

In a video already trending on social media monitored by, the rapper who was in an interview wiith Live 91.9 FM explained deep reasons why he is not going to sign up to record Label for any huge sums of amount of money.

Sarkodie said he would never sell his songs to an international record label in order to make millions of dollars in response to the host’s question.

The rapper claims that joining a major record label is not a good idea because doing so results in the loss of one’s ownership of the rights to their song as well as a significant amount of their own streaming money.

He went on, “Prince and Michael Jackson paid a heavy price for what they accomplished. When you first start receiving money, it feels fantastic and comes with a lot of promotion, but I won’t do it; that willpower must always belong to the musician “he declared.

Some performers lack the authority to play their own songs and to continue using their own names once their contracts are over. I want my kids to be able to govern and enjoy my legacy in the future.

You must decide whether it is better to do it yourself and earn money from your shows and streams for the rest of your life, or to accept a large sum of cash upfront while the label “eats” off your work forever.


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