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Sarkodie backs fellow artists Ayat as he fires govt over copyright breach

Rapper Sarkodie has backed musician Kirani Ayat in her lawsuit against the government over a copyright violation.

The “GUDA” artist claims that the Ministry of Tourism improperly utilised his song video for commercial purposes without getting permission from him or a designated representative.

Based on that, he has asked the government to take the appropriate action by recognising his work and, maybe, compensating him for the unauthorised use of his intellectual property.

Sarkodie has backed Kirani Ayat’s action. It was therefore past due that artists were respected and fairly paid for their labour.

Sarkodie encouraged the government to take action by attempting to reach an amicable resolution with the irate Kirani Ayat in a tweet.

The musician Kirani Ayat has accused President Akufo-Addo of violating a copyright law.

We (creatives) work hard to promote our nation, bringing in a lot of tourists and investors who then contribute money to nation-building, but that one sector receives no support. I sympathise with my brother and stand by him, especially if he truly asked for assistance but was turned down.

Many artists give up on their goals because of the system here… Because this is no joke… we’re talking serious, your only options are to join the average or give up (if you want to accomplish something incredible).

I suppose this quote is for the people because I am here if anyone knows this. If people realised what it takes to produce that two to three minute graphic, they could panic out.

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