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Tracy reveals secrets why she continued to date Sarkodie even when he was broke

Tracy Owusu Addo, commonly known as Tracy Sarkcess, the wife of renowned Ghanaian musician Sarkodie, has revealed why she gave him a chance in her love life.

She claims that when she and Sarkodie first became acquaintances at a relatively young age, she never imagined herself becoming married to him.

She was primarily focused on her education as a girl from a wealthy family and was not prepared to fall in to pressure from males like Sarkodie.

Tracy claimed that despite the fact that Sarkodie was a timid person who lacked the bravery to express his feelings to her, she knew he cared for her.

She told TV3’s Berla Mundi, “I didn’t find out until I was going to leave for Germany.

The relationship between Tracy and Sarkodie has evolved into the perfect illustration of how to create a solid foundation for a long-lasting marriage.

Tracy, on the other hand, claimed that before she made the decision to date, court, and wed Sarkodie, she needed to be persuaded of what lay ahead.

“At one point, all I wanted to do was send him to Germany, where he could find employment, earn money, and provide for himself. I didn’t think he was doing the music thing well,” Tracy continued.

Tracy described Sarkodie as a visionary man, which is why she chose to marry him, when asked what she liked most about him.

She said that he had his “head in the right place,” was completely devoted to her, and was focused entirely on her.

“I don’t know how to describe my hubby. He is gifted with vision, and he creates visions and communicates what he sees to you. You would know he was the correct person if you find someone like that who has his head on straight as a woman.

Tracy continued, “Sarkodie used to be rude to me.” She didn’t say why, but it could be assumed that Tracy too made the decision to occasionally play hard to get after falling for him.

“Go on a date. We do have grownup time,” Tracy advised.

He had vision; Tracy Sarkcess explains why she chose Sarkodie

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