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Watch video of Sarkodie revealing all the Yvonne Nelson Lies in her Book With A Diss Song – (Watch Video)

Sarkodie, a multi-award-winning rapper from Ghana, has been one of the most talked-about entertainment figures in the nation ever since Yvonne Nelson declared that he was the father of her unborn child on Monday, June 19, 2023.

In her autobiography, “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson,” the CEO of YN Productions said that the rapper had tried to get her pregnant in 2010 but requested her to terminate the child because he wasn’t ready to be a father.

“I had gone for a pregnancy test to confirm what becomes the most obvious conclusion for a sexually active young woman who misses her monthly flow. I was in the company of Karen. And when the test result was ready, I wasn’t strong enough to open it. She did and declared the verdict. Charlie, it dey there!…Sarkodie was a budding musician with the potential to become one of the biggest artists in Ghana and beyond. At the time, however, the future looked uncertain, and his way through the maze of life still appeared too foggy to predict. Success was not guaranteed. He was still living with his mother and was not ready to carry a burden while he was being carried by his mother. “I wouldn’t call what had developed between us a serious relationship. I gravitated toward people in the music industry. For the longest time in my life, music was my getaway from all the unpleasant things life threw at me. So, I liked his talent. We started talking and got close. Closer,” parts of the book say.

Sarkodie has responded to these charges and spoken his truth, which is a somewhat unexpected turn of events.

Although the CEO of Sarkcess Music is someone who seldom speaks about issues involving him that mostly surface on social media, this time he entered the studio and recorded a diss song for Yvonne Nelson and also clarified the record.

Sarkodie said that he never requested Yvonne Nelson to terminate the pregnancy in a song he titled “Try Me,” which was published on Wednesday.

He claimed that the celebrated actress made the decision to have the abortion herself and made the excuse that she was still in school.

Sarkodie went on to say that he was initially dubious about the claims because, when he requested that his doctor confirm whether or not Yvonne Nelson was indeed pregnant, the actress vehemently denied it and said she had a friend who would assist her in giving birth.

Sarkodie didn’t stop there; he also implied once more that he wasn’t the only person having an affair with Yvonne Nelson at the time, making it likely that he wasn’t the father of the child when the actress says he caused her to become pregnant.

Sarkodie added in a funny way. It seems that Yvonne Nelson made the right decision to include him in the memoir in order to boost sales, and she also stated that he has even obtained a copy of the book for himself.

To hear more shocking disclosures from Sarkodie, listen to the song below.

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