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Alikoto drops most anticipated New Ep “Kron Kron”

Ghanaian-based artist and music executive, Alikoto announced the release of his new EP a while ago and it was released on 30th December 2022.

Kron Kron is Alikoto’s debut EP with 9 New Age tracks which the artist/music executive has carefully crafted to create a relaxing experience for listeners.

Alikoto is vocal on issues of mental health and preaches his advocacy through his sound. He seeks to give clarity and peace to his listeners through his music.

In today’s world where noise pollution and chaos are the order of the day, Kron Kron is here to give a little peace to the world.

The first track, Eunonia, creates a mystical sound which is soothing and welcoming and with time the gentle flow of water ushers listeners into a relaxing mode. The word eunonia is a Greek word which means “a pure and well-balanced mind”.

Kanea which means “light” is the next track on the EP and it leaves a refreshing feeling after listening to 3:23 seconds masterpiece.

Bosuo which translates as “morning dew” begins with a slow pace which later picks up as is the rhythm of the falling of dew. The fourth track Fromfrom can be translated as “evergreen” or can also stand for

“prosperity”. Fromfrom gives a feel of a serene green vast forest with birds chirping. As the music plays, a vivid picture of this beautiful scenery is projected into one’s mind.

Anadwofa follows next and is characterized by the fall of rain and thunder rumbling in the back with a peaceful tune playing. This is the nature of midnight as the name Anadwofa is the Twi word for midnight.

Osram meaning the moon is the next tune which plays soothingly and has the tune of a popular Ghanaian lullaby.

Nsroma meaning the star is the 8th track on Kron Kron and the beautiful sounds of what seems like a twinkling star plays calmly.

Mpoano begins with the sound of the ocean waves and the feel of the serene seashore continues as the music plays. Mpoano in Twi refers to the seashore or seaside.

The last song Sane which means “to unwind” introduces a beautiful rhythm which fades away with birds singing along.

The EP’s name Kron Kron is derived from the Ghanaian Twi language which translates as “holy/pure” and is a derivative of the number 9 which is Nkron in Twi. This shows that Nkron and Kron Kron are connected in the Akan culture.

The 9 tracks on the EP symbolize a god number (divine holiness and purity) as 9 in numerology is a god number. The EP is set to release a heavenly, spiritual and serene feeling to its listeners and to put them in a relaxed

Alikoto, also known as Samson Osei, is a music executive and a creative who started his creative music journey in 2022. He makes music in collaboration with other creatives and usually dabbles in New Age music.

His music spans spa music, meditation music, sleep music, nature music and relaxation music. He hopes to be recognized as one of the pillars when it comes to New Age music in Africa.

Stay up to date with Alikoto by following his socials for news about upcoming releases.

Stream the album below:

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