Friday, September 22, 2023

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Check out how Sarkodie shocked popular TikToker Oboi Cj after pleading with him for a new phone

Oboy Cj, a well-known TikToker, urged Sarkodie to give him a new phone so he could use it for his social media promotions. As a result, the rapper has decided to give him one.

Oboy Cj produced many videos promoting a new mobile device that Sarkodie and the general public found interesting. Sarkodie ultimately watched the video after a lot of people had tried to convince him to do so.

The young man has produced multiple videos in recent weeks requesting for a new phone and begging the public to assist him.

His efforts have at last paid off. After seeing one of the videos, Sarkodie commented. He sent his manager, Angel Town, the order to obtain Cj the phone he needed through a tweet.

Many people were happy with Sarkodie’s reaction and thanked him for being thoughtful.

Check out his sarcastic response:

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