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Youtube Takes Down Ball J’s Dis Song To Sarkodie Over Stolen Beat

US-based rapper Ball J has misplaced his dis song to Sarkodie on Youtube as it has been taken down following copyright violations.

The ‘Lullaby’ dis song was uploaded on Tuesday midnight as a response to Sarkodie’s ‘Sub zero’ dis song.

However, Youtube took it down after copyrights charges was made against Ball J.

Outwardly, the beat used by Ball J had been used another artiste and uploaded on Youtube already.

The beat was produced by Fortune Dane and handed to Ball J some months ago but the former decided to sell to another artiste.

Ball J explained the situation on his Twitter.

Lullaby audio slid was uploaded last night on YouTube with no intentions of making making money, apparently the same beat by @fortunedane has been given to someone to upload 2 hours ago & monetize with content ID and reported my song to be removed! That’s why the link is dead! pic.twitter.com/o6A6UlKoBk

— Ball J (@balljbeat) April 8, 2020

He latter uploaded it on Soundcloud.


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